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Palisades Equity Partners, LLC, dba Associated Ventures, or herein "AV', is a full-service real estate development, consulting and investment enterprise, concentrating on value-add opportunities utilizing an entrepreneurial approach to repositioning under-performing and under-served real estate assets including commercial, hotel/resort, multifamily, mixed-use properties, and real estate related business opportunities situated across the United States, located primarily in major gateways, secondary metropolitan areas and resort markets, as well as select international markets. AV generally targets projects ranging between $10MM – $200MM in value, with the yield opportunity taking preference over deal size.


Activities include all phases of development consisting of acquisition, design, entitlement, capital sourcing, construction, leasing and asset management. The principals of AV have decades of combined comprehensive experience in real estate. The firm provides merchant building services, hotel management and a full range of real estate consulting services across sectors including hospitality such as development, repositioning, and asset management. In addition to real estate, AV provides an array of business consulting services, including but not limited to entrepreneurial guidance, financial sourcing and business strategies, across industries such as technology, auto, entertainment, restaurants, food and beverage, various consumer products, and more. AV maintains offices in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona.


 Creating extraordinary value for our partners and enduring relationships that carry forward to future successful projects

Associated Ventures and Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts


Hotel Management Strategic Joint Venture

Associated Ventures is pleased to be expanding its horizons beyond development, acquisitions, and consulting to include hotel management by forming an alliance with Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts, a well-established hotel management company.


The current economic environment demands talent beyond standard hotel management, to include an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to profitability, paired with meticulous expense management to drive value. Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts and AV have those talents, and we believe that the collaborative effect between Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts and Associated Ventures, will produce exceptional results.


Associated Ventures has been involved in projects with Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts, and it had a large impact on generating additional revenue from hotels, made all the more impressive given the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic.


We believe this joint venture will generate a synergistic combination of talents and comprehensive expertise to unlock value from hotel properties across the property life cycle, including development, repositioning and value-add initiatives, hotel management, asset management, consulting, and receivership services. To learn more about our management services click here.  To learn more about Lighthouse Hotels and Resorts, go to


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